Websites Makeovers

Do you have a website that's NOT serving its purpose? Is your website turning away potential customers?

Web Effect can give your website the makeover it deserves.

Web Effect performs a website makeover by:

  • identifying the problems with your current website
  • improving visitor flow and customer experience
  • increasing the visual appeal of the website
  • making sure information is clear and easily found
  • improving visitor to customer conversions

Make your website work for you.

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What is a website makeover?

A website makeover is a process to improve an existing website. This may involve changes to the look and feel of the site, simplifying navigation and improving ease of use. A website makeover improves visitor to customer conversions.

What is involved in a website makeover?

The first and most important step in a website makeover is reviewing the current website to find out why it's not delivering the results you want.

To do this, Web Effect:

  • performs analysis on the current website
  • consults with the client on suggested improvements
  • reviews the internet marketing strategy
  • provides reports with solutions and costs

Website Makeover Costs

Prices below are indication of costs

Simple website makeover $500
Major Website makeover $1000
Complete New Design $1500

Prices will vary depending on the size of the website.

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How is a website makeover different from website design?

A website makeover is working with an existing website where:

  • the current content and graphics can be reused
  • the colour scheme and general feel of the website can be retained but improved
  • expansion of the website can be incorporated
  • analysis is done to identify problems

A website makeover may cost a lot less than a completely new design.


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