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Web Effect can set up and look after your

  • domain name
  • website hosting
  • email

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What are domain names?

An example of a domain name is:

Think of the physical address of your business and the route you take to get there: ""

domain name = your business address
internet = roads and streets

Computers use your domain name on the internet as a location for your website or email.


What is website hosting?

Website hosting = renting space on the internet for your website.

Not all web hosting plans are created equal. They can vary markedly in

  • speed
  • reliability

Web Effect offers fast reliable web hosting based in New Zealand.

Email for my business?

Web Effect can set up email accounts with your own name associated with your business name. This is an optional service.

Access can be via

  • web browser
  • microsoft outlook
  • mobile phones

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