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Raia Aikido

Martial Arts Website create in wordpress.

Capital Comms

A two way radio and security business.

Web Design Wellington

Web Design Wellington is a promotional website design to showcase the type of website that Web Effect can build.

Go to each page and view the various animations and special effects.

NZ Six Racing

Since its recent conception (July 2011) this website has had, within its first six months, over 5000 visits. For a small club with only around twenty cars racing, this is a phenomenal result.

Quoted as "Best car racing site in New Zealand!".

As well as developing the website, Web Effect also created a Facebook page that tells users about regular story and photo updates.

This website is easily found. It comes up on the first page of Google under various search terms. Try Google with:

  • nz six
  • hq holden racing
  • super six
  • scranz
  • car racing nz
  • hq racing
  • super six racing

This highlights Web Effect's effective website development and internet marketing skills.

Cafe La Dolce Vita

Cafe La Dolce Vita's website has been up and running since August 2011. In that time more than half (50% - 60%) of people searching for "Te Anau restaurants" via Google have visited this website.

This website regularly appears in the top three of Google places.

The owners of Cafe La Dolce Vita called us after the Christmas period of 2011 to say it had been their busiest on record! This website contains all the essential ingredients for an effective website. It reflects the business, is pleasing to the eye and is simple to navigate.

This was the web effect they were after: successful internet marketing and an effective website.

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