Internet Marketing

With effective internet marketing, Web Effect makes sure your business can be easily found on the internet by your potential customers.

Web Effect believes that successful internet marketing

  • identifies your target audience
  • draws the customer to your website
  • engages the customer in your business

To do this, we focus on:

  • making sure customers can find your business through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • paid advertising campaigns
  • the use of social media

Contact us to discuss an effective internet marketing strategy for you.

Paid Internet Advertising

Web Effect can set up and manage paid internet advertising for you. Our expertise means we reduce your overall costs by:

  • making sure your advertisements are targeted to the right audience
  • reducing cost per click
  • monitoring advertisement performance
  • optimising advertising effectiveness

The savings you make will be much more than the cost for our service.

See our Prices.

Performance Based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If we don't get results, we don't get paid.

Web Effect's goal is to make sure your business appears on the first page of Google search results. Our commitment to achieving this is reflected in our charges. Pricing plans are calculated according to where your website appears in a Google search. If your business doesn't appear within the first 3 pages, we don't charge you.

Getting your website to come up in the top spot means ongoing monitoring and adjustments to your website. Once your business gets to that number one spot, Web Effect works to keep it there.

See our Prices.

Using Social Media

You may have questions about using social media:
  • how can my business use social media?
  • how does social media work?
  • who is using it?
  • do I need a website to gain benefits from social media?

We can answer these questions. Talk to us to find out how your business can benefit from the use of social media.


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